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Donations to help our community

Napoli Culinary Academy (NCA) is a non-profit organization that prides itself in helping the community in any way that it can.  For years we have given partial and full scholarships to low-income students so that they can learn the skills they need through our Culinary Arts Management Diploma program to better their lives.  Low income students have been graduating from our Academy for years and proceeding to open their own businesses or acquire fantastic jobs in the culinary and hospitality industry.  


We appreciate your  tax-deductible (tax id# 680468576) donation to our Academy so we can continue to give back to our community by being able to offer scholarships to students in need and by offering no-cost and low-cost meals and classes to those that need it in our community.  To make a donation you can send in or walk in a check or click this button below to donate to a worthy cause.



For years, Napoli Culinary Academy has cooked lunch twice a week for Mercy Hospital of Sacramento for the woman and children in their Woman and Children Substance Abuse Program with zero profit to us.  This program is a fantastic community program that serves the women and children in the Sacramento area, suffering from substance abuse in their lives.

For years, Napoli Culinary Academy has cooked a Christmas dinner for the Mothers and Children in the community programs at Mercy Hospital of Sacramento with zero profit for us.

We also provide cooking and nutritional classes, free of charge, for at-risk kids in the Youth For Christ Program at Bayside Church, Granite Bay. These classes teach the at-risk children invaluable culinary skills which will assist them in future jobs and careers in the culinary field.  They are also taught about health and nutrition, which help them to take care of themselves and their families.  These skills create job opportunities for these children so they can flourish and have successful lives and be an asset to their community.   We feel that by helping these at –risk children we are helping to keep them away from participating in drugs and crimes in our community.

We provide catering to Bayside Church for their religious and community activities including their charitable work, at zero profit for us.

We participate in the local Make-A-Wish Foundation charity events by donating complimentary cooking classes to be auctioned off, using the money to be auctioned off, using the money to help the people in our community needing help from this fantastic foundation.

We are also in the process of organizing a program with local Foster Homes in our community to reach the youth before they are forced into human trafficking.  This program will also help these kids after they are rescued from human trafficking rings by giving them full scholarships to our school so they can learn skills to be able to change their lives around and have a productive future.  Sacramento is number 1 for human trafficking in the United States and we here at Napoli Culinary Academy believe that it is our duty to help these children in any way that we can.